What to put on my bucket list?

I don't make assumptions when it comes to Mr. Frankish's business transactions. He counts dollars and cents. Tells us which property and villa is on sale and writes colorful stories about "electric railroads," "exotic hotels," and "water pipelines." He throws words around like "ditches" and "trenches" on New Year's Eve, giving instructions tirelessly, while everyone else is at a party. Basically, he is always hard at work.  I take him at his word. Yet sometimes, he is a puzzle. Did he write "canon" or "caƱon" trip? Did he mean to write a "canoe" trip? You'll be the judge.

Maybe he is just an old soul and I am just a pampered brat swimming in the luxury of information technology... surfing the net... googling this and that.... expecting autocorrect to help me look smart..., and; in a nut shell I travel the world in a quantum jump right from my sofa.

Actually a canoe trip sounds like lots of fun... it is said to be liberating, in contrast to the "amenity-burdened lives we lead." I will place this trip on my bucket list!