Troves of Data: Charting the Past

This blog post entry was written by CLIR CCEPS Fellow, Vinh Tran:

There are lots of data that can be found in the pile of crumbling papers from the Willis S. Jones boxes: hydraulic head, rainfall, water flow, soil composition, etc. The thing, no one really turned them to graphs, probably because of the somewhat monstrous handwriting (seriously, is that an F, an S, or a P?), lack of measurement units (also, head of water [ft] or atm, pick one!), and the general unavailability of our lord and savior, Excel! But now that we can gather and view them in one place, producing charts and graphs can be easily done and may help us better understand the geographical and geological characteristics of the region (if you're into that kind of stuff). Who knows, someone might actually use them for their research (not me though). One last thing, who the hell thinks it's a good idea to use log√2 for the x-axis?