Lights, Camera and more..

In my second week as a CCEPS fellow, I got involved in digitization of over-sized archival items. This involved taking photographs of maps and diagrams. Being an avid photographer, I got the opportunity to use a Hasselblad 300CM camera in order to take pictures of the over-size items. Lighting and using various types of lenses was a key part of the process.

Apart from photography, I continued to work on the Willis S. Jones files, where reports on the Temecula project and well logs that were recorded by Willis S. Jones were digitized. Reports of various wells such as the Murrieta Valley wells and the Pauba Ranch Valley wells were particularly interesting considering the complexity involved in getting the readings accurately. Once the logs were recorded, soil and moisture determination using mathematical formulas were done by Edward S. Babcock & Sons, which was an interesting read.