Happy Electronic Records Day!

Did you know that October is both American Archives Month, as well as California Archives Month!?!? Even more exciting is that today is Electronic Records Day! Today is especially exciting considering the #CLIRWater project is an electronic project. So far, approximately 1500 #CLIRWater documents will join the numerous digital files already held at NARA. Not all digital files, however, are scanned. Some documents originate as electronic files. These files are held by the the Electronic Records Division of NARA. This particular division holds over 1 billion electronic files.

Digitizing records provides numerous benefits, such as making sources more accessible to researchers, preventing damage to original records by reducing handling, and allowing for easy addition of digitized documents to posters, projects, and presentations. Below is a poster celebrating the 2018 California Archives Month. Included on the poster are digitized photos of Hearst Castle. 

Thumbnail image for archives month.jpeg