First week with CCEPS!

This blog post entry was written by CLIR CCEPS Fellow, Swaminathan Vaidyanathan:

As a new member of the CLIR Project, the first week has been really exhilarating. Being able to work on archival materials has been an eye-opener for me in to the history of the water of California. Focusing on Willis S. Jones, I had the opportunity to digitize reports that focused on irrigated lands surrounding Claremont, Upland and Pomona, which also gave me a bird's eye view of the land surrounding The Claremont Colleges. Working on reports by Willis S. Jones on the Temecula Creek, Pauba Ranch and Murrieta Creek was highly informational, considering the efforts and various political factors that played a key role in shaping the water system in areas surrounding Claremont. Apart from digitization, I had the opportunity to work on a Phase-One vintage camera. Being an avid photographer, getting my hands on the camera was highly energizing and made me more curious into understanding the process of how it works. I believe the following weeks will give me a deeper insight into understanding the various factors that helped shape the water system present today in California.