Lumps of Free Gold


So Mr. Frankish received a letter from a gentleman requesting to lease the use of water at the head of San Antonio Canyon for the purpose of hydraulic mining for a term of five years. The gentleman promised to enter into an agreement to not divert the water from its natural channel and not to diminish its quality but to release it to its original channel after being used for mining purposes. In a letter Mr. Frankish discusses this request with Mr. MacNeil. He writes


"By this mail I write you re Mr. Rossiters request for the use of water for mining purposes and think it well to give you some private pointers. Mr. R. has undoubtedly struck ------------ having shown Mr. Gissing and myself  lumps of free gold just as picked up from the gravel weighing nearly an ounce each and one lump picked up was sold for over $400. Now it occurs to me, if this is such a good thing and the use of our water is indispensable to its development, might we not be entitled to a fair remuneration (sic) for its use.  Again will not some water naturally be wasted and may not the refuse washed into the head of the Canon interfere with the flow of the water. I merely suggest these points for your consideration."


I sure hope to read Mr. MacNeil's response to this brainstorming session.