silver lining

This morning I woke up at 5:30AM and I know that is early for most people. Seemingly Mr. Frankish was an early bird as well and used to make his way to his office at 5:30AM. One morning he found the office safe open with the contents scattered all over the office floor. However, he was able to see the silver lining in the attempted burglary. He wrote in a letter,

"....They had drilled through the outer door of the safe right opposite the lock and knocked it out of place which left the bolts free, then drilled the inner door and put in the charge of dynamite with a fuse, closed the outer doors to deaden the explosion and blew the------ lock all to fragments. Fortunately there was not a cent in the vault so their labor was for nothing and they had evidently been pretty decent fellows for their kind..."


I will take his advice and see the silver lining every day.