Knowing what goods are (and where to find them)

In a letter to Work Bros. & Co. in Chicago, Illinois, Mr. Frankish discusses the details of a clothing order for four hundred & fifty to five hundred dollars worth of clothing. He writes,


"And as our seasons are not so marked as East of the mountains you will understand we will want light and medium weight goods & in good goods colors that will stand California sun. We are on Santa Fe & Southern Pacific R. R. 22 miles west of San Bernardino & 38 miles East of Los Angeles------- country.  And as we are between & so near two good towns tis necessary for us to keep some good goods & at prices that will hold our people at home...... Our community is composed of a good class of people and while not wealthy know what goods are and want what they purchase stylish for the money. We have in our Town two Small stocks of clothing. Kept in general stores."


Online shipping is keeping me at home, however, I still order from far and beyond. I wonder what he would say about that.