Chaffey Letters Book 2

Hi everyone,

This week I worked on naming files from the second book of Chaffey letters. In a few of the letters from Book 2 that I got to skim, I came across some business issues the Chaffey brothers had to deal with. A common theme was that the person they were writing to wasn't writing back to them in time. The brothers were dealing with pressing issues at times, but the speed of the postal service (and potentially the reluctance of their business partners to answer) meant they didn't always get a response when they needed one. For example, in the file ont00017_0103_0002, George Chaffey wrote about rabbits doing damage to trees on their land, and how the person he was addressing had left his letter unanswered. This made me think of how nowadays we are accustomed to instant responses, and if we don't get them, we can often check whether or not our messages have been received or even opened. People are also expected to be accessible at any time because our cell phones are never too far from us. This has changed business practices and customs so much. It was interesting to read how it used to be in the 1800s, and how all the Chaffey brothers could do to ensure a faster response was to perhaps insert some stern words into their requests.

Speaking of the digital age, I also worked on posting to CLIR and Honnold's social media pages today!