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Well, another week has passed and I am still in disbelief of how quickly the days go by. This week is starting off with rain trickling down the windows of the library but I am looking through the window of history today! (Please excuse the cheesy cliché) As promised, I have a couple of interesting snapshots of the hundreds of pictures I have been combing through. Most recently I have been reorganizing the series on the Nag Hammadi dig and the surrounding work involved in such a monumentally historic project. This had included everything from field logs of the dig sites, pictures of the surrounding towns and landscape, and a plethora of amazing records documenting the whole process.

Going through this series in the IAC Nag Hammadi Collection has afforded me the opportunity to see a different time and place through the eyes of both the locals and scholars involved with the excavation and scholarly analysis.

One of the amazing photos included in the series are of the discoverer of the codices, Muhammad Ali and his mother. 

Ali standing next to his mother (dressed in black). 

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The mother of Ali had actually burned one of the codex books upon their initial discovery. Unfortunately, there was no other information on the reasons for his mother burning one of the books but one can just imagine what was going through the minds of the IAC scholars upon hearing this story!

And as I mentioned in one of my previous posts I am including just one picture of Henry Kissinger from his tour of the Nag Hammadi Codices. He is intently studying pages of ancient texts while members of the project explain what is written and the significance to ancient Christianity.

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There are pieces of history hidden all around us and it is up to us, historians and others alike, to document that history so others have the opportunity to look through the window of the past. 


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